Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Worship Ministry Advice via The Resurgence

The Resurgence has posted a few advice articles dealing with worship ministry that I think are great. They are short and sweet and to the point. Something that I should probably work on…

So far they’ve released three excellent articles. The first two are by worship pastor Joel Brown:

His first is: 3 Priorities When Preparing Music

Great, great stuff.

Priority #1 – Truth

Priority #2 – Corporate Response

Priority #3 – Musical Style, Arrangement, and Execution

The second article by Brown: The Medium Matters: Is Music as Important as the Message?

This is an incredibly important message for worship leaders. When we look at the music we select we should always consider the words we sing first, then the music, but that doesn’t mean music takes a back seat! Music should complement the words in such a way as to amplify them. I’ve written more about that here.

And as much as I agree with everything in this article, I do want to point out one small matter that perhaps could use some further clarification by the author. When speaking of diversity he says, “A good sign that you have the right balance of styles is if every congregant has one band they love and one band they hate.” I understand what the author is getting at, but practically speaking I don’t think this is something we should aim for. I’m all for diversity, but I don’t think churches necessarily need 12 different bands with 12 different styles. But that’s all I disagree with, if you can even call it a disagreement.

The last and most recent article is by worship pastor Tim Smith:

Don’t Forget Your Acoustic Guitar

Instead of focusing on practical issues for worship leaders, Tim gives props to the acoustic guitar. He talks about the benefits of leading with only an acoustic and how it can build you up as a leader as well as allowing you more freedom. Sorry keyboard players…

If you have never visited The Resurgence then you are missing out on some great and wonderful teaching. I would encourage you to visit it on a weekly basis.