Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Matt Redman and Songs for Blokey Blokes

God has used Matt Redman in a variety of ways in my life to encourage and inspire me both in leading God's people in worship as well as writing songs for the church. I'm happy to say that I've had the pleasure of meeting him and I was able to express that to him. He and Chris Tomlin and Louis Giglio came to town a few years back on the Indescribable tour. At the end of the show it was announced that Chris Tomlin and his band would be signing autographs up front. I figured Matt would be up there but he never showed. I had a couple books I wanted him to sign and wanted to let him know how God had used him in my life, so I did what any respectable, upstanding, Christian would do; I snuck backstage. He was packing up his gear and looked pretty busy but he was nice enough to stop and sign my books and we even chatted for a couple minutes.

After meeting him I can honestly say that Matt Redman has a true and authentic passion for writing songs for the church to use in worship. I really appreciate that because of how much success he has had. He could very easily take his worship leader rock star status and peddle out tunes for cash and get more Christian radio airtime.

I ran across this video clip which only reinforces in my mind his concern for the church when it comes to songwriting. The interviewer asks him about romantic imagery in today's worship music and Redman provides and exquisite answer. The best part is that his answer reveals the importance of placing language on the lips of people in the church.

I also found that his answer revealed humility when he reflects back on one of his own songs and how he should have been more aware of the language he used.

The main reason for linking this video, however, isn't to go on and on about how great Matt Redman is, but I trust that his answer provides great information that applies to how leaders and songwriters in the church should examine our music lyrically. To sum it up Redman is rock solid when he says "Songs need to be watertight scripturally and culturally they [need to] mean what we think they mean."

So check out this video clip: Matt Redman on Songs for Blokey Blokes

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