Thursday, August 28, 2014

Renew the Table: Goals and Disclaimers

I would like to discuss the Lord’s Supper. More heavily, the neglect of the Lord’s Supper. However, I am finding such a topic to be a Hydra. There are so many heads that I find it rather hard to figure out which one to focus on first. I feel as if there should be some logical order to the whole of my thoughts and opinions on this subject, but I’m finding them to be somewhat like facets on the face of a gem. Is there a logical order of facets that make the whole of the gem?

My goal is this: In regards to the theology and practice of the Lord’s Supper, I see a deficiency and desire to rectify it. However I know that my self-published opinions will in no way rectify a situation that has, as one might argue, been argued since the dawn of the Protestant Reformation. So I’ll slim down my goal; my desire is to see the renewal of the Table in gathered worship and my hope is that these thoughts and opinions, these facets, will contribute in some way to cause believers to think deeper and truer about the Supper, with the further hope that such thinking leads to theologies and practices that will all the more edify the Church and glorify God.

Now that I've given myself a goal that is unachievable on my own, I’ll begin speaking into the air and let the wind carry it wherever it desires. This will at least release me from the burden of logical progression. And if nothing carries beyond itself, I can at least chalk this up to an exercise in thought and writing.

While many of my convictions, complaints, and opinions are rather strong, I don’t want to give the impression that I believe that I myself hold the key to knowledge. Sometimes opinions can be held as tight as a pit bull holds a bone in its jaws. When certain critics or opponents try to pry it loose they only cause us to hold tighter. However, sometimes there are those who come along with a gentle touch and a smell that we've not yet encountered, which lends a certain perspective we had not yet considered, and so we let go. Sometimes we let go of an opinion because it is no longer worthy to be held. Other times we let go of an opinion to let more truth and information enlighten it, making it that much sweeter when we pick it up again.

Finally, I should also note that I’m coming at this from the only experience I have, namely an evangelical background; specifically Baptist. Even more specifically, Southern Baptist. So any guns I’m firing are really aimed in that direction because that’s where I’m looking. That means there will be some major perspective bias and sometimes what I write will bump up against a non-baptistic theology or point of view.

Other than that, I only mean to offend those who need offending. Such offending may lead to collateral offence, of which I would ask for your forgiveness. Really though, if I say something that offends you or am unclear on something, maybe drop me a line in the comments section or even email me at  

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