Friday, April 17, 2015

The Table


Wood worked
                Metal biting
                Hammer singing
                Dark the staining
Legs strong
                Load uplifting
                Worthy sentries
Words etched
                Ancient, holy
                Deep the cutting
                Silent speaking
Lives long
                Weekly serving
                Friend to sinners
Meal served
                Blood and Body
                Poured out, broken
                Given for you
Eat, Drink
                For remembrance
                Grace for faithful
                Kingdom coming


Wood warped
                Big and bulky
                Holding flowers
                Like a coffin
Face scarred
                Storied scratches
                Hidden beauty
                Now an eyesore
Words etched
                Like a prophet
                In his hometown
                Crying, “Do this!”
Days short
                Ever numbered
                Weekly famine
                Sinners starving
Meal served
                Once a quarter
                If you’re lucky
                Maybe Easter
Eat, Drink
                ‘cause we have to
                Stripped of meaning
                Judgment coming

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